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Art, Music, Technology, Spanish, and Physical Education


Holy Family School's art department has created an atmosphere in which learning and creativity work together.  The art program is full and balanced and furnishes the required structure as well as the freedom to grow and explore.  Its art curriculum provides students with opportunities to work on projects such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture while incorporating art history and art appreciation.

The arts free students to think creatively and reach beyond their own capabilities to be leaders and innovators.


Kindergarten to eighth grade experiences music class weekly. Once in fourth grade, recorders are introduced and a performance is given at the school Christmas Concert and again at the Spring Concert.


In fifth through eighth grade our students may participate in band. Students begin the year with group instruction on the instrument of their choice and interest. Students learn to focus on goals and achievement in order to develop self-discipline. Emphasis is on fundamental skill development related to counting, music reading, and overall production of tone. Private instruction is encouraged.


Holy Family Youth Choir is an integral part of both the school and parish. The choir receives direction from an award winning leadership and participates in school and parish as well as diocesan events.


The International Society for Technology in Education’s NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) for Teachers is the standards used in the teaching of the Technology Curriculum. Basic operations and concepts:     

  1. Social, ethical, and human issues
  2. Technology productivity tools
  3. Technology communication tools
  4. Technology research tools
  5. Technology problem-solving and decision making tools

Performance indicators are given for each standard that provide students with specific opportunities and outcomes. As students advance through the grade bands, progression is expected through the performance levels. 

Physical Education

Our curriculum engages students to enjoy and seek out physical activity and develop and maintain acceptable levels of physical fitness. Students develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so they will experience and feel comfortable during present and future physical activity pursuits. They also develop the ability to get along with others in movement  environments  ( e.g., share space and equipment, employ the "golden  rule"  to be a good sport, and demonstrate cooperative behavior). Students look forward to the S.P.A.R.K (sports, play & active recreation  for Kids) Program, bowling, Log It (with pedometers), cricket, dancing,Wii Just Dance and P.E. Central Challenge.