A Profile of the Graduate at Graduation

Graduates of Holy Family strive to live their faith, excel academically, support their community and serve as a positive role model to others.


The Eighth Grade Graduate

  • Lives according to Gospel teaching
  • Centers life around Jesus
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of Catholicism
  • Participates in prayer, Mass, liturgies and Sacraments

Academic Achievement

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Possesses skills to be competitive academically and successful in high school and beyond
  • Demonstrates the ability to solve problems creatively
  • Works collaboratively and creatively with others
  • Possesses competences in all areas of study as outlined in the diocesan, state, and Common Core Standards
  • Uses technology effectively and appropriately as an educational tool
  • Demonstrates an independent responsibility for learning

Service to Others

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Respects and care for God’s creation
  • Understands, promote, and practice Catholic social justice
  • Practices stewardship of their gifts of time, talent and treasure

Christian Leadership

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Models and encourage other to act according to the moral teaching of the Catholic Church
  • Treats others with respect and dignity
  • Respects diversity and the opinions of others
  • Evaluates moral choices within the context of the Church’s teachings

Responsible Citizenship

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Understands the importance of respect for self, others, and property
  • Sets positive examples for others
  • Recognizes the importance of morality in a global society
  • Stays informed regarding the political process